Thursday, February 12, 2009

Installing the Restrained Life Viewer

Perhaps the most daunting challenge for someone new to using Restrained Life and all of its enhanced capabilities for Second Life dominance and submission is the download and installation process for the viewer. Although it may initially look complicated, the entire process is quite simple. Below is a step by step guide for Windows users.

1. Download the Restrained Life Viewer. Head on over to erestraint. Find the Restrained Life for Microsoft Windows link. The current version is 1.15.2. Right click and select "save as" to save the viewer folder.

2. Download the appropriate Second Life version if you do not already have it. Check the version number of the current Second Life viewer you use. If it matches the compatible number listed for your version of the Restrained Life viewer, currently 1.21.6, you are in business. If not, head over to the Second Life website to download the appropriate Second Life viewer.

3. Install the Restrained Life Viewer. Navigate to the Second Life program folder on your computer. Usually the easiest way to do this is to open your local hard drive, go to the program files folder, and then find and open the Second Life folder. Now, open the Restrained Life Viewer folder that you downloaded. Drag the RestrainedLife icon to your Second Life folder.

4. Install the settings.xml file. Open the app_settings folder in your Second Life folder on your hard drive. Open the app_settings folder in the Restrained Life Viewer folder that you downloaded. Now drag the settings.xml file from the Restrained Life Viewer folder to your Second Life folder. Do not change any other files.

5. Create shortcuts. Find the RestrainedLife icon in your Second Life folder on the hard drive. Right click on it and select "create shortcut." Then drag that shortcut to your desktop. Then find the SecondLife icon and create a shortcut with it as well and drag that to the desktop. You will now have a SecondLife shortcut and a RestrainedLife shortcut on your desktop. The SecondLife shortcut is to enable logging into Second Life outside of the Restrained Life Viewer.

6. Log on. You may now click the RestrainedLife shortcut and log in to Second Life in the Restrained Life Viewer. Very few changes will be immediately obvious. A primary one is that you will now have to select attachment points for attachments in world. Some of the selection may be trial and error, but if you are very confused you may always log in to Second Life with the normal Second Life viewer and investigate where the attachments automatically choose to go.

You are set! Now you are ready to enjoy the many objects, attachments, and devices that can truly bring you a Restrained Life.

NOTE: Macintosh and Linux versions of the Restrained Life Viewer are also available. Please consult the documentation contained in the folder downloads from erestraint for more details on these versions.


  1. Thanks just what i needed to know!

  2. I need help with the new version. My RLV was working fine before I updated my SL Viewer from the Linden website. Then I went to Erestraint and updated to the new version of RLV, and everything says that it's RLV. My viewer looks the same, it says Restrained Life Viewer, but none of the restraints from my collar work. Nothing that is supposed to interact with RLV is interacting. I don't understand.

  3. Help!
    I'm having problems too...

    I have just downloaded the latest version of SL - version

    I have also downloaded the latest RLV to go with it - Version 1.20.2.

    The normal SL viewer works just fine, no problems whatsoever.

    Having installed RLV as normal, I find that it does not work properly. The movement is very jerky and slow and I keep getting random polygons everwhere.

    I have updated all my graphics drivers and as I said, I can't understand why SL works fine, but RLV is so glitchy.

    Any advice please?